February 2021 - Issue 51

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The Batman Who Laughs | Pandemic Legacy Season 0

On Sale: 22/01/2021

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What's in this Issue?

The Batman Who Laughs: Rising – we meet The Batman Who Laughs, one of the greatest horror villains of the dark DC multiverse in The Batman Who Laughs: Rising in our interview with Pat Marino, the designer of the Rising series.

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 – We spend some time with Rob Daviau and Matt Leacock discussing the newest, and last, Pandemic Legacy game and the impact the series has had on gaming.

Perseverance  –  We check in with David Turczi and Viktor Peter mid way through their four part epic dino-defending Eurogame. We discuss exactly how many dinosaurs is fair to accidently sic on your opponents.

Tales of Evil – There’s something spooky going on, and only the meddling kids of Pizza & Investigation can solve this interesting, odd, and glow in the dark adventure game

Coriolis: The Last Cyclade – The Horizon enters its second act, and we’re here to discuss patrons, secret agenda, and mission generators

Tidying Your Collection With: The Art of the D6 – Do those victory points spark joy?

Our Guide to Solo RPGs – we pick some of the best of a new crop of solo roleplaying games which you can play by yourself.

We’ve also got 32 reviews in the mag, including:

BattleCON: Devastation of Indines 
Digimon: The Card Game
Micro Macro: Crime City
Viscounts of the West Kingdom
Meeple Land
Nevada City
Talisman Adventures RPG
Welcome To New Las Vegas
Curious Cargo

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