August 2018 - Issue 21

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Includes FREE Guild Ball character card & FREE UK delivery

On Sale: 31/07/2018

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Includes FREE Guild Ball character card featuring alternative art for Windfinder from the sports miniatures game’s brand new Navigator’s Guild, free for readers and 100% exclusive to Tabletop Gaming. Simply introduce the card into your next match to show off your allegiance to the guild and ensure your team stands out on the pitch.

COVER: Pathfinder: Second Edition: the decade-old hit fantasy RPG is being overhauled for the first time. Designer Jason Bulmahn tells us more.

Western Legends: Live by the law or die outside of it in this open-world sandbox adventure set in the Wild West. Its creators saddle up and take us on a ride.

Red Alert: Master designer Richard Borg blasts off with his sci-fi successor to the historical Commands & Colors wargame series. He reveals his plans for galactic domination

Gamer’s Travel Guide: If you’re headed off on holiday this summer, you won’t want to miss our essential tips on which games to take and how to help your cardboard survive the baking heat or a dip in the pool.

Eco Gaming: Can you make your hobby more friendly to the environment? We explore how to make sure your cardboard doesn’t leave a carbon footprint.

My Little Scythe: The father-daughter team behind this year’s most adorable game – a reimagining of strategy smash hit Scythe – show us around their magical world.

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First Turn: Vladimir Suchý

All the Jahres

Painting Guide

Dungeon Master’s Guide to Roleplaying

Have You Played?: Space Alert

Columns: Kickstarting from Scratch, Play It Smart, Unearthed Artefacts, Tabletop Time Machine, Through the Ages, The Independent Shelf

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Fourth Edition

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