April 2018 - Issue 17

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Includes FREE and EXCLUSIVE King of Toyko promo card & FREE UK delivery

On Sale: 29/03/2018

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What's in this Issue?

Includes FREE and EXCLUSIVE King of Toyko promo card (print only)

In April’s issue: Guild Ball and Dark Souls studio Steamforged tells us about its most ambitious creation yet: epic legacy miniatures game Godtear.

We talk to the stars of roleplaying phenomenon Critical Role, as Matthew Mercer and Liam O’Brien explain how a friendly game of Dungeons & Dragons at a birthday party turned into a show watched by millions.

Plus the world-beating interviews, features and reviews you’ve come to expect, including the definitive verdict on Rising Sun, Stuffed Fables, Palace of Mad King Ludwig, GKR: Heavy Hitters, Civilization and more!

PLUS Free King of Tokyo card: Zombify your monsters in the dice-rolling hit by grabbing this exclusive promo card, only available with this month’s issue of Tabletop Gaming magazine! 



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