May 2020 Issue 445

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May 2020 Issue 445

On Sale: 09/04/2020

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What's in this Issue?

•    This issue has exclusive FREE 1-48TACTIC cards for Operation Archery set in Norway in WWII
•    Plus Exclusive scenarios: Smugglers & Hangmen set in Kent, Herrlisheim WWII: it’s Operation Northwind in the Ardennes, and Ammo Dump a Slammers scenario adaptable for most gaming backgrounds
•    There’s A Viking Raid in Benfleet in Command Decision
•    We have a the Battle of the Boyne for Command & Colours in Send Three & Fourpence
•    A guide to the use of Napoleonic Light Cavalry plus 4 scenarios for Sharp Practice and Black Powder.
•    Building a thatched Cottage, plus a show trip to Hammerhead
•    Club Spotlight: the Shrewsbury Wargames Society.
•    Last Word by Gav Thorpe.
•    All the usual news and reviews.

on sale 03 April 2020

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