June 2020 Issue 446

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On the cover: Oathmark Elves

On Sale: 07/05/2020

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What's in this Issue?

•    This issue has exclusive Oathmark Scenario by rules author Joe McCullough.
•    There’s also a stunning guide to Painting your Oathmark Elves by Kevin Dallimore.
•    There are an exclusive rule set and linked scenarios for booze running in the 20s with Bootleggers, Stetsons & Chicago Pianos.
•    There’s the defence of Dacia against the might of Rome in Command Decision.
•    In A Game for our Times we have some simple modern AFV combat rules for solo or remote play.
•    To help with that, we have some guides for remote gaming in Send Three & Fourpence.
•    There’s Build a Well:  a scenario for Dead Man’s Hand .
•    A discussion piece: Bolt Action – is it Authentic?
•    Scratch building an Elder Scrolls ruined tower.
•    Club Spotlight: the South London Warlords.
•    Last Word by The Editor.
•    All the usual news and reviews.

on sale 07th May 2020

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