Miniature Wargames - January 2020

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Miniature Wargames - January 2020

On Sale: 13/12/2019

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What's in this Issue?

With the latest news items. 

All for the glory of France! The Men who would be Kings scenario by Conrad Kinch.

The bridge at Kronstadt
Henry Hyde joins the Editor for a classic Table Top Teaser: but in the 27th century!

Defence in Depth
With the latest figure and rules reviews.

Command Decision
Isandlwana: it’s Southern Africa in 1879. But can you beat Chelmsford? By Jon Sutherland.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
An undercover Bolt Action scenario.

Blood in the Shires
The Editor enters the Age of Sigmar.

In the Zone, man!
Hands on with Osprey’s new Blue Book.

Chocks Away!
Instructions to assemble two free 15mm hangars!

Battle of the Nive
A Black Powder battle Report from the Peninsular War.

Silent Death
Joe McCullough thinks this space combat classic is very much alive!

The latest hobby accessories reviewed.

Test of Honour
Vital Supplies: three exclusive Test of Honour scenarios.

Gordon’s crashed!
Scratch build the terrain board for a Classic Pulp Fiction Space ship.

Books for the discerning wargamer.

Club Spotlight
Sheffield Wargames Club.

Last Word
A Salute to Stuart Asquith.

On sale 13 December 2019

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