Miniature Wargames Issue 464

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FREE with this issue: Deadzone rulebook worth £24.99. Plus a Veer-Myn scenario to go alongside. WWII, Silver Bayonet, Eastern Front: 17thC, Waterloo, Core Space Partizan+ news & reviews

On Sale: 12/11/2021

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

•    On the cover Verr-Myn Solo: An underground adventure for your FREE Deadzone rules by Mantic Games with each issue worth £24.99.
•    Command Decision: Falaise Gap 1944.
•    Send Three and Fourpence: When the Bell tolls one - A Silver Bayonet scenario.
•    Scratch Build: Build a Creepy Crypt for Silver Bayonet 0r a Nissen Hut!
•    The Eastern Front: Fooled you - it’s the 17 century period of the “Deluge” with some easy play rules.
•    Super Massive Black Hole: Musing on a big game hunt using Core Space by Battle Systems.
•    Show – Don’t Tell: Partizan 2021. What a show!
•    Waterloo Sixty: Building a big Waterloo game.
•    Last Word a Q&A with Flags, Faces & Bases.
•    All the usual news and reviews.

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