August 2020 issue 448

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On the cover is a fight for the new world: an Aztec Command Decision scenario

On Sale: 10/07/2020

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What's in this Issue?

Issue 448 of Miniature Wargames we have a a whole bunch of rules and scenarios to chose from – and cake!

On the cover is a fight for the new world: an Aztec Command Decision scenario. Yes it’s 1521 and – at  the Siege Of Tenochtitian – you’re Pedro de Alvarado and it’s Huitzilopochtli time!

We also have the conclusion of  A Jaunt Ashore: a solo amphibious excursion for the very popular The Men who would be Kings in Send Three And Fourpence.

In England Invaded there’s a Spanish invasion of Cornwall scenario for use with Pike and Shotte rules.

We’re all at sea with The Battle of Grand Port: a Black Seas scenario. 

Arthur Harman – with culinary assistance – enables us all to have our cake and eat it: in Gateaux de Guerre he cooks up the Edible Siege Wargame!

We invite you to explore 10mm Ancients with an introduction to Mortem et Gloriam. Under lockdown, the Editor and Kevin Dallimore separately build two Oathmark armies fast and Tony Harwood scratch builds a Timber Cottage.

Find balance and order from chaos in tightly packed wargaming lives with The Compressed Wargamer or go digital: the Editor shows you how to make the best choices for Miniature Wargames on-line.

Club Spotlight features the Central London Wargames Club.

Finally, we have the review sections Defence in Depth for Figures and rules, Quartermaster for scenery and accessories plus we have Forward Observer for news and Recce for nine insightful book reviews. 

Last Word is by Mel Bose – commonly known on line as The Terrain Tutor.

on sale 20 July 2020

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