April 2019 Issue 432

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On Sale: 08/03/2019

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What's in this Issue?

Forward Observer
A bumper five pager with reports on releases by Kallistra; V&V Miniatures;Gunfighters Ball; Caliver Books; Victrix; Osprey; Antediluvian; Lancashire Games; Perry Miniatures;  Stoessi’s Heroes; Dishdash Games and more!

Send Three And Fourpence
Screen Time: the best of wargamers’ YouTube hunted down by Conrad Kinch.

Ultracombat Normandy
New small action rules plus Carentan: a scenario An interview with the author by Editor

Command Decision
The Causeway at La Fière: Command Decision Fifteen at the Cotentin Peninsular June 1944. By Jon Sutherland.

Alexander: Conquest Fulfilled. 
The hypothetical Battle of the River Dan 320 BCE.

Fantasy Facts
The usual palantir peep of the latest products in F&SF gaming from Crooked Dice; Mantic; Deep Cut; Maelstrom’s Edge; Sally 4th; Brigade and more!

Stars & lasers II
Parrots and eye patches are not compulsory in this spacegoing piracy scenario!

Mos Espa
Scratch-building historically accurate 28mm Star Wars Terrain by Tony Harwood.

Some scenarios for French forces and the Berbers: The Zaian War of 1914-1921.

The Editor visits this Nottingham show.

10 reviews of books to consider for the book shelves of any discerning wargamer!

Wargames Widow
Bocage! The Wargames Widow gets deep and bushy!

Club Directory
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