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Alexandra Palace, London

28th - 29th SEPTEMBER 2019


In 2018 we brought you all of the below games...

2019 is set to be even better! 



Shoot, ram, skid and loot your way through the ruins of civilisation with Gaslands, the award-winning tabletop wargame of car-on-car destruction in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Players control small fleets of armed vehicles in battles for resources, dominance and survival.


Amidst the frozen ruins of an ancient city, wizards battle in the hopes of discovering lost treasure, enchanted artefacts, and forgotten secrets of magic. For many their thirst for power, knowledge, and riches has proven their downfall. Will you falter, or will you rise from the ruins of Frostgrave mightier than ever?

Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

Filled with steaming jungles, lost cities, deadly monsters, and fabulous treasures, the Ghost Archipelago has brought great wealth to many explorers and a horrible death to many more. Some even hunt for the fable Crystal Pool, whose waters grant abilities far beyond those of normal men. Only the bravest venture into these islands – do you have what it takes

All games are open to all abilities and will be run throughout both days of the show so, please come along and play!

RuneQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha

An all-new edition of one of the world’s most influential and acclaimed fantasy roleplaying games. This all-new edition introduces RuneQuest and its setting of Glorantha to new players everywhere. Intuitive, easy to play, and set in the world of Glorantha, a heroic fantasy setting rich in magic, mystery, and extraordinary adventure. Glorantha is filled with mortals and gods, myths and cults, monsters and heroes. The most powerful building blocks of the universe are the Runes, mystical symbols that permeate everything, and mastery of Runes allows astonishing feats of bravery and magic. Combat in RuneQuest can be dangerous, even deadly, with skirmishes filled the chance of fumbles, critical hits, and strategic tactical choices. The game’s setting draws upon Bronze Age cultures where the relationship between mortals and the gods are much stronger. Rather than being myths, the deeds and actions of the gods are history, and are very much active forces in shaping the day-to-day lives of all living things.

Chaosium’s volunteer game masters will be running 1-hour demo games for anyone wishing to try out RuneQuest. No experience required and all welcome. Age 12+

Call of Cthulhu - Mystery and Horror Roleplaying

In Call of Cthulhu, players take on the role of investigators to uncover secrets and resolve dark mysteries. In the course of a game, the investigations may find themselves battling against crazy cults and strange monsters, and running away from horrors from beyond space - all while attempting to solve a mystery. Set in the Jazz Age of the Roaring Twenties, as well as in the modern-day, the investigators are ordinary people who are thrown into horrific and terrifying encounters with the otherworldly forces of the Cthulhu Mythos, risking their life and sanity in the process! Your investigator - who could be a detective, author, librarian, or doctor - and their companions may very well decide the fate of the world. While the game concerns dark deeds and scary monsters, the emphasis is firmly on fun and cooperation, with the players working together to overcome challenges. Call of Cthulhu is recognised as one of the most influential roleplaying games and continues to be a firm favourite with players of all ages around the world, and has won over 40 awards, including being inducted into the Academy of Adventure Gaming Art and Design Hall of Fame.

Chaosium’s volunteer game masters will be running 1 and 2-hour demo games for anyone wishing to try out Call of Cthulhu. No experience required and all welcome. Age 12+

UFO by the South London Warlords

Can you stop Alien hordes invading the earth?

The game replicates the space borne interceptor versus UFO clashes in the TV series UFO produced by Gerry Anderson (of Thunderbirds fame) in 1970. Action happens exclusively in space (nominally somewhere between the region of the Moon and 100km above the Earth) using three Moon Base Interceptors. This can be a self-contained game with varying numbers of UFOs determined by dice roles. Alternatively, it could include the SkyDiver /Sky1 stage with an aircraft launched just inside the earth's atmosphere and we may employ them over the course of the show.

Sands of the Sudan by the South London Warlords

Can you rescue the honour of the regiment? Will it all prove too much for the Mahdi? Or will the foreign infidels who have destroyed the land be once again wiped from the face of the earth?

The year is 1884 Lady Fotherington-Smythe is on a journey to visit her archaeologist husband when she gets caught up in a local Madhist insurrection. To escape the clutches of the bloodthirsty Madhists who have risen in rebellion again Egyptian rule lady Fotherington-Smyth has sort safety in the town of Musthavaliein but she now finds herself in a besieged, with just a small local Egyptian garrison for protection, cut off from the outside world with only her maid Beatrice for company.


Strap in and blast off! The Starfinder Roleplaying Game puts you in the role of a bold science-fantasy explorer, investigating the mysteries of a weird and magical universe as part of a starship crew. Will you delve for lost artifacts in the ruins of alien temples? Strap on rune-enhanced armour and a laser rifle to battle undead empires in fleets of bone ships, or defend colonists from a swarm of ravenous monsters? Maybe you'll hack into the mainframe of a god-run corporation, or search the stars for clues to the secret history of the universe or brand new planets to explore. Whether you're making first contact with new cultures on uncharted worlds or fighting to survive in the neon-lit back alleys of Absalom Station, you and your team will need all your wits, combat skill, and magic to make it through. But most of all, you'll need each other.


The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game puts you in the role of a brave adventurer fighting to survive in a world beset by magic and evil! Take on the role of a canny fighter hacking through enemies with an enchanted sword, a powerful sorceress blessed with magic by the hint of demon blood in her veins, a wise cleric of gods benevolent or malign, a witty rogue ready to defuse even the deadliest of traps, or any of countless other heroes. The only limit is your imagination!

John Carter of Mars RPG: Adventures on the Dying World of Barsoom   
Based on the books of Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Carter of Mars is a pulpy science-fantasy tabletop RPG. A taster session to immerse you in the world of Barsoom and highlighting the 2d20 system. Heroic feats, strange creatures and mysterious ruins await! 5 players per game. 10am – 12pm and 2-4pm. 

Star Trek: Adventures RPG
Come join us and explore   the Final Frontier of the Galaxy, where new discoveries await keen explorers of Starfleet. Your duties may take you to the edges of known space, or to Federation colonies in need, to the borders of neighbouring galactic powers or into the eye of interstellar phenomena. Your ship and your crew epitomise the best Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets has to offer, and you are needed more than ever. 5 players per game. 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm.

Carthaginians v Gauls using 6mm Miniatures

This will be a Drop in / Drop out game, using thousands of 6mm miniatures to depict a battle between Carthaginian and Gallic armies in 230BC. The game will be run by members of the Milton Keynes Wargames Society, using the Wargames Research Group rules De Bellis Magistorum Militum (DBMM), which translates as “For the Wars of the Masters of Soldiers”.

We will be running one or two games each day. The armies are predetermined with each army having either three or four generals. The game is open for anyone to have a go for as short or as long a time as you wish. Drop in and take command of one of the generals, drop out whenever you have had enough. The Milton Keynes members are there to guide you through the game or to take over and maintain the flow of the game when ever there is a shortage of player.

The DBMM rules are the current rule set produce by the Wargames Research Group’s lead author Phil Barker for warfare between 3000BC and 1525AD. Phil, now in his eighties has been writing rules since the 1960s, with his first set of rules, War Game Rules 1000BC to 500AD, being published in 1969.  Since the 1960s Phil Barker’s rules across many periods have been used throughout the world, and are still used in all of the major National and International Historical Tournaments.