Dreadful Meadows

Welcome to Dreadful Meadows - a land of tricks and treats, where kooky Confectioners compete to be this season's sweetest supplier! You play a Confectioner, sowing and growing sinister seeds to create the most bountiful candy crops, through crafty candy patch placement. As rounds progress, cultivating your candy crops allows for exciting expansion and experimentation! Conjure up a crew of magic Sugar Sprites who can lend a hand with their abnormal abilities. As you prosper, summon your horrid Harvesters to intensify turnover, or utilise your Candy to discover new Concoctions. Each game is unique through your choice of Confectioner and the strategies you utilise. Actions and patch varieties are limited, so your success in the meadow will rely on calculated decisions in the expansion of your meadow, the concoctions you create, and how you utilise your Sugar Sprites and Harvesters. Will your Dreadful Meadow be an abomination, or this season's sweetest sensation? The Aim Of The Game: The aim of Dreadful Meadows is to become this season’s most successful Confectioner by having the most Victory Points (VP) by the game’s end. Victory Points are accumulated through the strategic placement of your Harvesters on your Patches, by completing Concoction Cards, and from any leftover Candy you may have. During the game, you will enlist the help of your Sugar Sprites to grow a variety of creepy Candy. This Candy will be your primary resource for purchasing new Patches, Harvesters and completing your Concoction Cards. Retrieving your Sugar Sprites will trigger powerful Bonuses for your Meadow! The final round is triggered when there is either 1 Harvester remaining, the Bag is emptied of Patches, or all Concoction Cards have been drawn from the draw pile.