Fresh Pandemic Legacy: Season Two box images hint at character creation, map discovery and new mechanics

C5CjR6bWAAM753d-84975.jpg Back of Pandemic Legacy: Season Two box

Sequel set 71 years after the first game – with humanity only just managing to cling on

Perhaps the most highly-anticipated release of 2017, details on Pandemic Legacy: Season Two have been slowly leaking out of various shows – and New York’s Toy Fair offers our best look at the game yet thanks to new shots of the back of the box.

The follow-up to Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau’s widely acclaimed legacy spin on the co-op disease-battling hit, Season Two is set 71 years after the original Pandemic Legacy. Unfortunately, it looks like players’ efforts to save the world were largely in vain, as the story blurb suggests: ‘The world did its best. It wasn’t good enough.’

What’s most striking about the images of the map on the box is that the entire board appears to use a scratch-off layer to hide its world – something previously hinted at in prototype shots out of Essen. The narrative setup references fragments of humanity surviving on floating stations known as ‘havens’, spread across the Earth’s seas.

The box advertises that players will ‘discover the world’, apparently scratching off certain sections and areas to uncover settlements and survivors. The idea is to try and help as many of the civilisations survive as possible.

Another big change is the introduction of more expansive character creation – it looks like players will be able to fully customise their character’s look, skills and more as they progress during the campaign.

Pandemic Legacy: Season Two is due out in autumn this year – we’ll hopefully hear more about the game ahead of its release soon.

Images via BoardGameGeek


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