Tabletop Gaming Issue 8

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On Sale: 02 Feb 2017

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  • An interview with Space Goat Productions as the comic book publisher prepares to take its first leap into tabletop gaming with the official board game of cult classic movie Evil Dead 2.
  • We talk to British outlet River Horse following the release of its adaptation of the David Bowie film Labyrinth and as it prepares to launch its ambitious My Little Pony RPG and a spin-off of The Hunger Games this year.
  • The Making of Mechs vs Minions: How did the world’s most popular video game become an instant tabletop classic? We speak to Riot Games and designer Chris Cantrell.
  • Loads of interviews with the industry’s best designers, such as Reiner Knizia, Ted Alspach, Mike Elliott, Max Temkin, Rob Daviau, Eric Lang and Spyfall creator Alexandr Ushan, to name but a handful. 
  • Delta Green: An in-depth look at the unforgiving Lovecraftian RPG and a chat with its creator.
  • The first in our ongoing guide to building a believable and engrossing world for your favourite RPG.
  • Introduction to Magic: The Gathering: How can you get started with the best card game ever made?
  • Reviews of all of the games you should be playing, including SeaFall, Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Scythe, Blood Bowl 2016, Conan, Star Wars: Destiny, Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne and more!
  • Diversity in Games: We examine why allowing anyone and everyone to identify with characters in a tabletop universe matters.
  • All the regular features and interviews you’ve come to expect, from miniatures painting guides to the round-up of the latest RPGs.
  • PLUS! An exclusive new board game by the creator of Frostgrave, published and completely playable inside February’s issue!