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Cover feature: Bears vs Babies: We chat with Elan Lee about following up the explosive Kickstarter success of party game Exploding Kittens with this hilarious monster mash-up set to be the summer’s biggest hit.
GKR: Heavy Hitters: Weta Workshop is bringing decades of Oscar-winning experience powering the visuals for blockbuster movies such as Lord of the Rings, Avatar and Mad Max to the tabletop in its robot brawler GKR. We take a dive into the world of Giant Killer Robots with senior concept designer Paul Tobin.
Infection at Outpost 31: Acclaimed pop culture art studio Mondo is turning its attention to board games with this beautiful adaptation of John Carpenter’s seminal horror film The Thing. Brand director Jay Shaw tells us more.
Pro gaming special: In a bumper special feature, we talk to international champions in everything from Magic: The Gathering, Catan and Diplomacy to Pokemon, Scrabble and X-Wing about how they turned their hobby into a profession and became the best players in the world.
First Martians: Robinson Crusoe and Imperial Settlers designer Ignacy Trzewiczek guides us through his highly anticipated Adventures on the Red Planet.

Tales from the Loop: As ‘80s nostalgia rides high on the back of shows like Stranger Things, we talk to the makers of the throwback RPG.

The Ultimate Gaming Room: A look at the furniture, décor and more you should be cramming into your tabletop haven.

Cooking With Dice: Jennifer Howlett reveals how she combined roleplaying with real-life cookery in this unique RPG

The Occult on the Tabletop: A look at the history and influence of supposedly supernatural tarot cards and Ouija board on gaming.

Survive: Escape from Atlantis!: We take a backwards look at the history of the beloved adventure game as it celebrates its 35th anniversary.

The Making of… – We take a tour through the creation of legendary Star Wars game X-Wing.

Painting Guide: We show you how to make fantasy miniatures wargame newcomer Runewars come to life.

A Dungeon Master’s Guide to RPGs: The third entry in our ongoing advice column on how to build a roleplaying campaign.

Ten of the Best: 10 Budget Games for Under a Tenner

My Favourite Game: Cry Havoc designer Grant Rodiek has his say

First Turn: Acclaimed Citadels creator Bruno Faidutti looks back on his very first game

Introduction to… Pathfinder: Ahead of the sci-fi sequel to the fantasy RPG, Starfinder, hitting tabletops in August, we look at why the Dungeons & Dragons descendant is well worth revisiting

Club Spotlight: Redditch Wargaming Society

Shop Spotlight: Southampton’s Board in the City

•    Gloomhaven (including an interview with designer Isaac Childres)
•    Dark Souls: The Board Game
•    Great Western Trail (including an interview with two-time Kennerspiel des Jahres winner Alexander Pfister)
•    Runewars
•    Watson & Holmes
•    Yamatai (including an interview with creator  Bruno Cathala)
•    Unlock!
•    Exit: The Game trilogy
•    Tak: A Beautiful Game (including an interview with acclaimed designer and Cheapass Games founder James Ernest)
•    Capital
•    Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures
•    Magic Maze
•    Plague Inc: The Board Game (including an interview with lead designer and Ndemic founder James Vaughan)
•    Diplomacy (2017 Edition)
•    Shahrazad
•    Anomia
•    Mangaka
•    One Deck Dungeon
•    Accessories: Call of Cthulhu metal dice + Dimension West wargaming scenery