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Here’s your chance to vote for the Greatest Games of All Time


If you’re a long-time reader of Tabletop Gaming, you might remember that our very first issue – released all the way back in June 2015 – featured 101 games you absolutely need to play.

That list still stands as a countdown of some truly incredible gaming experiences, of course, but the almost three years since has seen the release of so many fantastic games that have completely changed the way we play.

There’s Pandemic Legacy, for instance, launched not long after that magazine came out and since followed by a brilliant Season Two – our favourite game of last year. What about Gloomhaven, now the highest-ranked game on BoardGameGeek? Terraforming Mars? Star Wars: Rebellion? Arkham Horror: The Card Game? Scythe? Great Western Trail? Mechs vs Minions? Or even promising releases so far in 2018, like Rising Sun and Dinosaur Island?

In short, we feel it’s high time to update our list – and we’d like your help to do so.

We’re planning to put together a special issue of Tabletop Gaming that reveals the top games of all time, as voted for by you.

All you need to do is jot down your Top Ten tabletop games in the form below (you can also find it here) – it doesn’t matter whether they’re board games, RPGs, miniature wargames, party games, card games or Monopoly. Everything counts.

We’ll then do the hard maths, counting up everyone’s votes and working out the overall rankings, as well as discovering some other fun results, such as your favourite designers and the best games of each type.

We’ll be closing votes on April 13th 2018, so make sure you get your votes in before then.

The results will be published in a future issue of Tabletop Gaming magazine, so make sure you pick up the latest magazine or subscribe to see where your favourites placed overall!

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