Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live


We’re pleased to announce Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live. In place of our cancelled Tabletop Gaming Live show at Alexandra Palace this year, we’re going to be celebrating all things gaming with an online show instead. Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live will be two days of curated video content from your favourite games designers, publishers and content creators on our website.

The virtual show will take place on our website from Saturday 26th September and run through to Monday 28th September.

See exclusive videos from your favourite designers, publishers, and online creators as well as hobby tips, interviews and more. Plus, money off offers on your favourite games, and even a virtual goody bag. We think it’s the next best thing to actually being there.



We get grim, dark and perilous with the roleplaying game that asks how low fantasy can you go. We wander through the dark world, and might meet some familiar faces and stumble across some unexpected places. Join us on this journey, but be prepared – it’s dangerous to go alone.


Pokémon Trading Card Game aficionado Wossy returns with exclusive video content for the show. With a long history of being the ‘voice of card gaming’ Wossy is here to educate and entertain us with stand-out moments from the history of the trading card game, as well as a couple of surprises yet to be revealed.


The creators of Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings are here to settle a few disagreements. We explore the dark, war-torn world and meet the factions vying for victory on the field of battle, from the dragon-created Dweghom to the bizarre and frightening undead monsters of the Spires. Who will you side with


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We hear how sound in gaming can make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Syrinscape is a sound design platform used by many to make deeply evocative and immersive roleplaying sessions – whether online, or at home. Learn how to make your gaming sessions come alive – and maybe sound as good as Critical Role

How We Roll

The crew from the hit actual play podcast, best known for daring and sanity-threatening adventures in Call of Cthulhu are putting together a video show especially for the event. With Scott Dorward slated to GM the game and a cast of regular characters returning, this is a great way to lose your mind over the weekend.

Building It Up

The construction business can be messy, so we’ve put together a panel of the best builders in town to talk about building games. Gil Hova (High Rise), James Naylor (Magnate), Zach Connelly (LOTS) will discuss what makes for a good building game – and possibly provide some ‘constructive’ criticism. Moderated by Bez Shahriari (Yogi).



Andrew Kolb, the creator of Neverland, an RPG setting book that places players and games masters in the world of Peter Pan, introduces his game. We’ll be treated to insights about creating a world – and the full length hex-crawl included – in a world so dear to so many of us. It’s time to tell your own stories of pirates, mermaids and flying children.


We’re joined by the maker of the inspired Inspirisles RPG, a game aimed at teenagers to promote empathy, life skills, and most interestingly – deaf awareness. The game teaches British/American Sign Language while being a fun fantasy romp. Join us for a character creation tutorial and to find out a little more from behind the scenes.

Making Monsters with Mike Mason

We talk to the lead writer and editor of Call of Cthulhu about making horror work in RPGs, scenario design, and how many is exactly too many tentacles. We also reveal an upcoming surprise for readers of the magazine and discuss which dark and ominous places we might be exploring. Come join us to discuss going mad for fun with the master.


How to Art Like PARKS

The team from Keymaster Games talks about the artwork behind PARKS in a panel that gets behind the scenes of one of the most beautiful games ever made. The team discuss the way the game came together and how the spirit of collaboration lead to artwork they couldn’t have designed all by themselves.

Dino Chat with Pandasaurus

Nature will find a way, and the fine people at Pandasaurus will always take the chance to talk about Jurassic Park. Join us for a chat about dinosaurs in gaming, and specifically two new games coming from Pandasaurus, Dinosaur World and Dinosaur Island: Rawr and Write. 

The Glenn & Mike Show

Mike Hutchinson (Gaslands) & Glenn Ford (Man of Kent Games) discuss SSO – a sci-fi survival horror game, Perilous Tales – a co-op skirmish wargame of tabletop storytelling and adventure, and Moonflight – a deck builder that transforms into a deck destroyer halfway through the game. Join us to get insight into Kickstarting and game design.

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