November 2018 Issue 427

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On Sale: 12 Oct 2018

£4.99 Single issue - available across all devices including mobile

We have Blood In The Snow: a 54mm French Indian Wars skirmish rule set with downloads, plus a scenario!
We also have Fight For The Standard: a  card-based miniature system for a small number of figures for an action at Edge Hill during the ECW.
Bellum Britannia:  The Scottish Borders, 368 AD. Another Command Decision conundrum by Jon Sutherland.
Terminator Genesys: Adding some What A Tanker! rule ideas to the River Horse SF game.
Send Three And Fourpence: Mr Kinch takes us through the snowy wastes with a scenario for Napoleon and his retreat from Moscow.
The Wargames Widow scratch builds a Manor House: and so can you!
Two Shows are featured: Skirmish and Colours
Warzone: the life cycle of a rule system!
Recce and product reviews!