March 2017 Issue 407

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On Sale: 24 Feb 2017

On sale 24th February 2017


In this issue... Forward Observer

What’s up and coming in (mostly) historical wargaming.

Send Three and Fourpence

Part two of The March on Canterbury.

Wargaming My Way

Colin Ashton explains the changes in his life, gaming and otherwise.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Jon Sutherland gives us part one of a set of rules for gaming the Indian Mutiny.


The second of a two-part article giving us a set of rules for modern era, small unit actions: this time AFVs and heavy weapons.

Darker Horizons

This month Fantasy Facts has its usual round up of what’s new in non-historical gaming; there’s an interview with Nick Eyer explaining the design and production process of figures in the Frostgrave range plus a building piece on customising 4Ground scenery for Sci-Fi games like Infinity or Mercs.


Adapting the Bloody Big Battles rules to play that pivotal moment in the 1812 campaign.


What to read and why for wargamers.

Wargames Widow

More tea Vicar? Building an MDF church.

Club Spotlight

The Tin Soldiers of Antwerp are not just in Crisis.

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