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What is inside the June issue of Miniature Wargames?


Issue 422 of Miniature Wargames is on the horizon. What gold glistens from between its covers?

On the front cover of every printed issue we are giving you a FREE Wild West Exodus K9 Gun Dogs Sprue worth £17! This is not a gift worth missing!

There’s Heading West: A peak into the story behind our cover feature Wild West Exodus with a trio of exclusives. There’s a Q&A with the manufacturer Warcradle; a painting guide for your free cover miniature plus a scenario called Leave ‘em to the Vultures.  Eeeehaw!

Taking a trip out with his camera, there’s Salutations: it’s a show report from Salute 2018 when the editor took the long walk around the massive London show.

There’s the next Command Decision: St Crispin’s Day 1415. It’s North East France, on 25th October: you are Charles d'Albret the Constable of France and Henry’s cutting a swathe back to Calais. What to do? It’s a  conundrum posed by Jon Sutherland.

Into The Woods: Scenarios ideas by the bucket load through multiple time periods based on a dissection of battles at Bodange 1940 and Baraque de Fraiture 1944.

Thukela & Blood River: The Boers and Zulu clash in South Africa. History and gaming scenarios!

To Think Again… A guide to Wargaming the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion.

There’s also more scratch building gaming scenery: The Wargames Widow shows us what to do with toy trains!

The regular Send Three and Fourpence column features a ‘cat hunting’ scenario idea for Black Ops. Mind you, the cat in question is a soviet BMP…
For reviews we have Fantasy Facts: a palantir perusal of the latest news in F&SF gaming with releases from Black Pyramid; CP Models; Osprey; Modiphius, Brigade and more!;

Forward Observer with (mostly) historical reviews with reports on Osprey; Two Princes, Van Dyck, Northumbian, and much more. Finally we have Recce for fourteen book reviews. And the free Club Directory!

ON SALE 11 MAY and available to pre-order today here! Don't miss out!

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