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Play over 400 games in Tabletop Gaming Live's open gaming area this September


Not only can you find the BEST new games at Tabletop Gaming Live 2019, you can also find the MOST games.

Okay, okay, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration – there are a lot of games out there, after all. What isn’t an exaggeration is that you will be able to play hundreds of games in the open gaming area at our convention taking place in London’s Alexandra Palace on Saturday, September 28th and Sunday 29th.

The team from London board game café Ludoquist will be bringing along more than 400 titles from their games library for the show, including some of the latest big releases, recent Kickstarter hits and upgraded versions of classics like Small World Designer Edition and Settlers of Catan’s 10th anniversary set – which comes in a 3D treasure chest!

A £10 deposit passport will let you play all the games you want in the open gaming area throughout the weekend. It also includes a buy one, get one free session for future visits to Ludoquist, too, so you can keep playing after the show wraps up.

That’s all in addition to the main show floor, where you’ll find brand new and upcoming games to play from the makers of KeyForge, Kingdomino, Carcassonne, Sushi Go!, Ticket to Ride, King of Tokyo, The Mind and many, many more, making Tabletop Gaming Live the first place in the UK to play some of the biggest releases of 2019.

Last year we celebrated the UK launch of Matt Leacock’s Forbidden Sky and had games including X-Wing’s second edition and Pandemic: Fall of Rome available to demo.

We’ll also have tournaments, seminars, workshops, participation games and other interactive events running across both days, giving you the chance to hear from the creators of your favourite games and improve the way you play.

Tickets for Tabletop Gaming Live are on sale now at theticketfactory.com, where you can save money with family and weekend bundles.

Purchase your tickets before the show and you’ll be able to get in an hour before those who buy on the door – meaning more time to play!

Want more of an idea of what you can expect from Tabletop Gaming Live 2019? Check out our teaser trailer for the show below!


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