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Manipulate - Live Now on Kickstarter


“In truth, I cannot remember having a more fun board gaming experience from the very first play-through in a long time” – Michael Wheatley, Zatu Games

“It feels like it’ll have real staying power at hard-core throw downs, and casual board game nights alike.” Muster App

Live on Kickstarter until Thursday 26th of July, Manipulate is a competitive and darkly humorous board game for 3-6 players set in London. Players choose from a number of characters (Celebrity, Criminal Mastermind, Head of Police, Media Mogul, Politician and Tech Entrepreneur) and make deals, double cross, and outmanoeuvre each other as they seek to build their shady business empires in the City. Their goal? To be the most Powerful at the end of the game...

Unashamedly encouraging bluffs, threats and dubious deals, the game captures the deceitful nature of London's corrupt and cut-throat elite - all colluding as they vie for Power and influence. From having your most lucrative Venture burned to the ground to revealing your friend's most incriminating Skeleton, Manipulate may permanently scar a friendship or two, but who needs friends, when you have Power…?

Played with 3 major cards, the reins of Power change hands regularly with fortunes rising and spectacularly falling - the outcome decided in a tense, tug-of-war for Power in the final round.

Ventures – from muckraking newspapers, to blockbuster phone apps, to lucrative oil rigs, are the heart of every player’s empire, not only contributing to their Power, but also earning them turn-based income.

Skeletons - each player has Skeletons in their closet; at risk of being unearthed by rivals should they make the wrong enemies. If uncovered, Skeleton cards reduce Power and/or cash by exposing a player’s cooked books, blood on their hands, or even rumours of frivolity with an unfortunate pig while at university.

Favours - digging up dirt with private investigators, running public smear campaigns, and conducting hostile takeovers of Ventures, Favours are the tools with which to attack other players – or fend off unwarranted attacks.




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