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Forbidden Sky, the new game from Pandemic creator Matt Leacock, celebrates its UK launch at Tabletop Gaming Live


The new game in Matt Leacock’s Forbidden series of survival games will launch in the UK at this year’s Tabletop Gaming Live convention.

Forbidden Sky is the third instalment in the Pandemic designer’s other well-known co-op survival series, following Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert.

2010’s Forbidden Island was nominated for a Spiel des Jahres, its frantic race to escape a sinking landmass represented by tiles that were flipped over as players attempted to gather treasure and escape.

The 2013 sequel, Forbidden Desert, relocated the action to a parched expanse of sand, where the baking heat risked explorers dehydrating as they hunted for a buried ancient city and the parts of a flying machine needed to escape. The expanded gameplay introduced sandstorms that could rearrange the grid of tiles – and potentially bury the players.

Forbidden Sky takes the series to new heights. This time, players are traversing a mysterious platform floating in the clouds. Their goal: to connect the cables required to launch a rocket, without being zapped by the growing electrical storm or knocked off the platform. It’s a long way down.

There are some other gameplay changes, too, with players using their limited knowledge of the map to execute their plans and having to construct an electrical circuit for real.

Forbidden Sky will celebrate its official UK launch at Tabletop Gaming Live in Alexandra Palace on September 29th and 30th, with the game available to demo and buy on the show floor.

It’s just one of a number of brand new and upcoming releases available to play at the show – including some of the hottest launches from Gen Con in the US.

The weekend will also include a packed schedule of free live talks, panels, seminars and workshops, from miniatures painting advice and roleplaying tips to designer interviews and a live edition of the Tabletop Gaming Podcast – see the full line-up here.

Tabletop Gaming Live takes place in London’s Alexandra Palace this September 29th and 30th. See more about what's happening during the weekend convention on the Tabletop Gaming Live Facebook page – or search 'Tabletop Gaming Live' using the box above.

Tickets are on sale now from just £10, with family and weekend passes available – visit The Ticket Factory to get yours today.

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