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Before there was Gloomhaven, there was Mage Knight. Vlaada Chvátil’s 2011 fantasy conquest game wasn’t a legacy title, nor was it strictly a co-op (though co-op play rules were included). But with its modular hex map, hero miniatures, action-card system and emphasis on granular, every-little-decision-counts strategy, it was an inspiration for Isaac Childres’ hit game. Now, eight years after its debut, it’s back and bigger than ever. Literally. It’s been repackaged with its three expansions (The Lost Legion, Krang and Shades of Tezla) in an Ultimate Edition box that is annoyingly far too chunky to fit in your Kallax shelves. Including everything but the Atlantean kitchen sink, it’s an impressive relaunch. But how does it bear up in this post-Gloomhaven world?

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