Tales of Evil

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Become a member of Pizza & Investigation, a group of kids who venture into places inhabited by the forces of evil and must escape, in this exciting cooperative game.

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Tales of Evil is a horror and adventure game for 1 to 6 players (“Braves”) who play as members of a group of kids exploring places inhabited by the forces of evil and trying to complete their missions!

Tales of Evil is a fully cooperative adventure. The outcome of each story is shaped by players’ decisions, and each mission can end in multiple ways. Players interact with the game using the innovative Fusion System – a system that requires to take real-life actions with direct consequences inside the game, merging fiction (the game) with players’ reality, creating a “treasure hunt” vibe in gameplay.

The game is divided in chapters, and players can save the game at the end of a single chapter to resume it when they prefer, making the game playable over multiple sessions.

The first campaign of Tales of Evil, included in this set, is “The Mystery of the Demonic Puppet-Mistress.” A friend disappeared, and a demonic entity is in complete control over the haunted house. Can the Braves save their friend, and defeat the evil entity?