Tabletop Gaming Advent Calendar 2021

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SOLD OUT! Tabletop Gamers rejoice, the advent calendar made for you is back, and it's bigger and better. After all, a board game isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for the prior 24 days as well.

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We have now sold out but we do still have plenty of Santa's Secret Sacks remaining which can be purchased here:

25 Days of gaming goodness with an RRP of over £550 that will make the gamer in your life (even if that’s you) believe in the miracle of Christmas. Really! It’s that good!

With standalone games in the box, including a Must-Play and just-released favourites plus a sprinkling of goodies and accessories, there’s no coal in this advent calendar. You don’t even have to have made the nice list.

Each present is individually wrapped and numbered, so you can open one each day on the lead up to Christmas. 

What’s in the box? That would ruin the surprise! However, check out the publisher list below to see who has taken part. Just don’t squeeze the presents before opening them!

Hurry, order your advent calendar now. There’s only 100 in stock, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Our office-elves are busy wrapping 2500 gifts ahead of sled-shipping them over to you in mid-November.

So what are you waiting for? Make Christmas happen, now!

Publisher Presents

Portal Games
Mantic Games