Tabletop Gaming Mystery Box - Santa's Secret Sack 2021

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SOLD OUT! Santa's Secret Sack is Back!

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We have now sold out for 2021 BUT we still have games just just you!

If you enjoy the element of surprise then our mystery boxes will be perfect for you- click here to choose which one will be sent to your address! 

Like to know what you're getting then choose from our range of games available in our store here!



Do you live with a present squeezer? A ‘what-did-you-get-me’ interrogator? If so, we’ve got the perfect Christmas mystery for you, with Santa’s Secret Sack – £150 of mystery gaming gifts, for the seasonal sum of £80.

Each sack offers a unique selection of games, accessories and extras worth a whopping £150 RRP. Each sack is different, so there’s no way that your festivities will be spoiled, even by the best Christmas investigators.

That’s right, £80 to put the surprise back into someone’s Christmas, or even if that someone is you!