The Best Big Potato Games

05 July 2024
If you need a party game, Big Potato Games have the staples you need to get everyone involved. We've rounded up a few of our favourites, so if you don't know which to pick – you can't go wrong with a game night based on these!

Written by Charlie Pettit


Scrawl is where pictionary meets Chinese Whispers, and is the kind of game where actually, being bad at it, will make the experience more fun than being good at it. To begin, every player gets a prompt, and draws it on their whiteboard. They pass their drawing to the next player, who will then look at the drawing, and then cover it with a new board, on which they write what they think the prompt was. The next player draws that prompt, the one after then writes what they think the prompt is, and so on. By the end, the drawing looks nothing like the original prompt, and the path to get there is hilarious. To give you an idea, how does "Pet Rock" get to "Hula Hooping in a Metal Detector"? It happens, dear reader, it happens. 

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Don’t Get Got

Don't Get Got is rare game that plays alongside other games. Played completely in the background of your game night (or even your regular day). Each player is given a set of challenges, which might be something like "Hum a song, if someone else joins in, they got Got", or "Say Guess What? If another player says What, they got Got", down to some much more tricky ones. Inevitably, you have moments where you forget both that you should be challenging, and that you may also get caught out, which leads to a good laugh when someone gets caught out. Complete your challenges to win. 

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Herd Mentality

Forget figuring out the right answer, Herd Mentality is about guessing the same answer. From a prompt, you'll need to write down what you think everyone else will say. If you get the answer wrong, you get the pink cow – which is almost a shame, as everyone wants the fun squishy pink cow! Regardless, while you may think picking the most picked answer will be easy, you'll find out how quickly your friends think differently. Surely everyone thinks the hardest fruit to juggle is a pineapple, right? Right

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Chicken Vs Hotdog

Bottle flipping turned game, is the best description of this dexterity game. If you remember the phase of the internet where everyone was trying to nonchalantly flip a waterbottle in such a way that it would land perfectly on the table, well, you need Chicken vs Hotdog. It essentially asks you to flick the chicken or the hotdog in order to have it land the right way up, stuck to a table, only this time it's not just about the success, but a game with your friends. There are additional challenges to master, trick shots that are required, but... it's a very welcoming game, and one that's fun whether you play with the rules, or just have a go at getting them to stick. 

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What Next?

What Next? is a your own path adventure game, so with three decks of cards, you'll unveil a story. The cards will give you decisions to make, for example, whether you go left, or go right, and then will stop and prompt you at various points to do something that will further dictate your path. For example, you might encounter something you need to get past, at which stage a party style challenge is necessary to succeed. You could be flicking a puck to a perfect zone, building a tower of odd shaped pieces, or dropping a card perfectly through someone else's arms. It straddles the line between a party game and a modern board game beautifully, and is a guaranteed hit. 

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OK Play

Need more robust or tactile components? How about a game that clips to your bag, suitable for practically anywhere? OK Play fits the bill, so if you're not hosting, or simply want a game you can later take out and about without concern over the components, it's a great choice. The game just asks you to lay five tiles in a row, using their chunky plastic tiles – but of course, your fellow player will try to stop you. Perfect to clip onto your bag for an impromptu game, but also for when you don’t have the space or balance for a full board!

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Cards Against Gravity

If you're wanting a quick game while you're out with friends, this is perfect. It's a dexterity game that invites laughter and tension in equal measure, and will easily capture the attention of even the most reluctant player. The game comes with a stopper for a bottle, so if you're at the pub, you're halfway there, or a balancer to go on top of a general drink. You get a number of plastic cards of different colours, some of different weights, and you have a hand of these that you're going to try to balance on the cards of the same colour. It sounds simple, but it gets tricky quickly, and no one wants to be the one to make the whole thing topple. A perfect social game. 

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