The Best Disney Board Games

10 July 2024
Love Disney? Love Board Games? Want to combine the two? We've our list of top Disney Board Games, perfect for whoever you may want to play with!

Originally written by Matthew Vernall, updated by Charlie Pettit


An inevitable inclusion to the list, but still a fantastic game to play. Take on the role of your favourite Disney villain (and there’s enough expansions out now that they’re likely to be available somewhere) as you try to complete your diabolical plans before anyone else. Each villain has its own way of using a unique deck of cards to achieve victory, whilst also being able to hamper your opponents by forcing them to face heroes who will scupper their plot. A great game of ‘take that’ and combo creation, where you’ll be accusing everyone of being close to winning as you sneak ahead turn-by-turn.

Read our review of one of the Villainous games here – or there's even a Star Wars Villainous if you prefer!

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Disney Lorcana

Perhaps a cheat to include on this list, given it's technically a Trading Card Game rather than a board game, but there are some fantastic reasons for it's inclusion. Primarily it's because Disney Lorcana is fun – a brilliant card game that's quick to learn, but where you can change your strategies to suit how you like to play. Prefer to be all defensive, outlasting your opponent? Great, there's a deck for that. Prefer a quick interfering style game? Great, there's a deck for that. And if there isn't, you're able to craft it. There's nothing more satisfying for a Disney fan than seeing some absolute favourite characters show up, but even better are the hidden messages in the artwork, the new takes on favourite characters, and the chance to let Hei Hei ruin some plans. Starter decks are available and are currently the best way to learn to play, but it won't be long before the release of the gateway/learn to play box.

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Disney Animated

So many of these games focus on the varied fairy tales and original stories that Disney became famous through, which is why Disney Animated is so refreshing by putting your playgroup in the role of the animators behind those memorable movies. Each player is working hard to complete their own Disney film, but must share out a sliding action board similar to the action system found in Ark Nova. Success comes from making sure to focus on your own challenges whilst being mindful to help others out where you can, two great skills to teach kids whilst playing a beautiful looking game. Keep an eye out next month for our full review of this charming cooperative game.

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Smash Up: Disney Edition

Apparently, card games and Disney are like hot chocolate and marshmallows, as there’s always another perfect pairing for your next game night to keep things sweet. Whilst in isolation it sounds like something a parent who’s listened to ‘Let it Go’ one too many times might wish to themselves, Smash Up Disney sees players combining two beloved films into the ultimate tag-team, as you attempt to claim various locations like ‘Agrabah Bazaar’ and ‘Gaston’s Tavern’ to achieve Disney dominion. As the set features original decks and locations, you combine it with other Smash Up sets for endless crossover possibilities. Anyone wanna see the Beauty and the Beast team up with aliens to fend off Lion King zombies? Be our guest. 

Disney’s Sorcerer Arena

Skirmish miniatures games don’t seem like an obvious fix for the family-friendly Disney/Pixar characters, but it works remarkably well in this tabletop adaptation of the mobile game, and whilst the mobile game has been sunset, there's plenty of play left in its tabletop alternative. Players take turns activating their roster to knock out opponents and score victory points, with a flexible upgrade system allowing players to really get stuck in with developing their preferred playstyle. Whilst there are multiple expansions for players who really want to plunge the game’s strategic depths, the core set comes with a lot of replayability for casual fans looking to play more strategic-minded games, including eight characters from your big names like Maleficent to more niche fan favourites like Demona from Gargoyles. Speaking of Gargoyles…

Read our full review of Disney Sorcerer's Arena: Epic Alliances, or find Disney Sorcerer's Arena on Amazon

Disney Gargoyles: Awakening

This title likely slipped the net for many, but much like the nineties nostalgic show of monsters protecting New York, it offers niche appeal with fantastic production values for those looking for a great co-operative game. Players control the titular heroes as the fight and fly across the wonderfully dinky 3-D buildings setup for each of the four replayable missions. The dice rolling and action point systems are nothing new, but presentation goes a long way and if you’re looking for an accessible miniatures game before moving onto heavier dungeon crawlers like Descent, Gargoyles is a great way to get younger players into that genre.

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Codenames: Disney – Family Edition

Bringing word association to a younger audience, Codenames: Disney offers a shorter, less threatening version of the deduction classic, using a medley of pictures and text descriptions with the same core of having to guide your teammates into selecting your sides cards without giving too much to your opponents. It’s fun to play back-to-back, each taking turns as the code master for your team as you alternate between your head in your hands and silently cheering, depending on how well your team interprets your cryptic clues. It’s funny how despite slightly shrinking the area size and removing the instant-lose assassin, the game still holds up as a party game that’s great fun for small and big kids alike.

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Colour Brain: Disney Edition

Big Potato don’t often pair up with intellectual properties, but every time they have its led to a fantastic game which captures the best parts of the IP without sacrificing any of elements that make it great. Colour Brain is a trivia game with a bright twist; you need to remember which colours out of eleven different option an object/person is. This version naturally asks you to name the colours of things like ‘Rabbit’s fur’ or ‘Cruella De Ville’s gloves,’ giving you the same brain scratching challenge of convincing yourself and teammates ‘no wait I’m sure that Mickey’s hat was Blue with Yellow Stars in Fantasia’ (actually they were white stars, bad luck.) A trivia challenge for all ages to enjoy.

Buy Colour Brain: Disney Edition on Amazon, or find more great Big Potato Games in our list of the best ones.

Munchkin: Disney

Whilst Munchkin is not usually a title I would associate with heart-warming tales of working together, there is something unmistakably charming about seeing a cutthroat game that put the ‘take’ in ‘take that’ festooned with the smiling faces and paraphernalia of Disney. At its heart, this is the same game of min-max adventuring, with players racing to be the first to reach level 10 through amassing the most magical powers and items to overcome any villain. You’ll struggle to accomplish anything alone, but if I’ve learned anything from family gaming, it’s always the youngest ones who’ll betray you first, giggling whilst they do it. For a fast-paced card game which will devolve into backstabbing, this version takes the edge off through not being able to outright murder one another.

Munchkin: Disney is available on Amazon

Dixit: Disney Edition

For families wanting to tear their kids away from endless reruns of Bluey, we would recommend keeping an eye out for this Disney rebranding of 2010 Spiel Des Jahres winner Dixit. Players will have a hand of cards drawn from a deck of 84 illustrations made specifically for this game, each depicting a different Disney animated classic. They’ll then have to play a card face-down and give a short phrase or sound relating to it. Everyone will also submit a card they feel matches this phrase, with the goal being to trick others into selecting your card whilst deciding which one was the original prompt. This game is a feast for the eyes and a treasured addition to any Disney fans collection, but still well worth playing if you’ve never tried the original.

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