Gamemat SRO

Turn your tabletop into a real battlefield!

Turn your tabletop into a real battlefield!

We are group of hobby enthusiasts, and our passion has led to us developing scenic accessories for all our favorite games.  We love to play board games and tabletop wargames.

Above all else, we love to create unique environments on which to wage our wars! 

That is why we started this company in the first place - turning our tabletops into real battlefields has been our focus from the very beginning!  The battle mat - a playmat (or game mat as some call it) is the basis for our narrative-inspired terrains and  creates a themed backdrop behind our larger terrain pieces as well as the models themselves. Rising from the surface of this detailed flat background, our scenic terrain adds a third dimension to the battlefield.  We focus on ready-to-play products so that our customers can bring their war to life straight out of the box: pre-painted resin terrain or pre-colored MDF terrain pieces, and battle mats printed with state of the art designs on premium, durable neoprene material.

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