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Don't Get Got! review


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Don’t Get Got! is a less a game and more a ready-made excuse-in-a-box for friends looking to mess with each other – for points!

It works like a competitive multiplayer version of social scavenger hunt Sneaky Cards, giving each player six missions to try and ‘nail’ before anyone else – all without a hard-and-fast time limit. Try too hard, get called out on an attempt and you’ll ‘fail’ instead, making it tougher to complete the very reasonable three needed to win. (One is the evergreen prank of getting someone to reply “What?” to “Guess what?” so there’s always a way to score a cheap point.)

The almost 200 possible assignments are cheeky instead of malicious: convince someone that your bog-standard lamp is now voice-activated, draw on someone without being caught, get someone to join in with a song you’re singing.

There’s never anything that will make anyone too uncomfortable or embarrassed – assuming you don’t go overboard in your efforts to get someone to hit or kiss you – though some are so specific (“Get a player to tie a knot in a balloon”) or dependent on certain situations that it might be worth introducing a mulligan or curated selection of sorts into the deliberately loose rules if you won’t be seeing the other players regularly or in more places than a prop-free office.

With a clever use of individual plastic wallets for each player to store their secret objectives in and satisfyingly flip them over to their bright red and green reverse when nailed or failed, Don’t Get Got! does everything it needs to do to set the stage for the players’ own amusement – how long its novelty will last for you will depend on your own where, when and who involved.

With the right group (the bigger the better) of those willing to commit over an evening party, week away on holiday or months spent pulling pranks at school (or work), it’s a fun and silly way to liven life up a bit. Sometimes, that’s just what you need. 




Buy your copy here

Designer: Zoe Lee, James Vaughan

Artist: Big Potato team

Time: ∞

Players: 2-8

Age: 12+

Price: £20


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