Tabletop Gaming - Issue 88

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On Sale: 23/02/2024

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What's in this Issue?

How do you rate your games? Chances are, many will answer “Board Game Geek”, the community website that has the home of board gamers everywhere. This month we’re focussing on just that –those rated games on Board Game Geek, and which ones come out on top, plus everything in between. 

What’s in this issue:
•    BOARD GAME GEEK: Our dedication to the online home of our favourite board games, and it’s top 100 games
•    NUMBER ONE: An interview with Martin Wallace of Brass: Birmingham, the highest rated game on the list
•    FEATURES + REPORTS: From the One Piece finals to AireCon, Toy Fair to the newest immersive gaming café, we’ve got something for everyone
•    BIG REVIEWS: Including… TWO Unmatched Games. Imperium: Horizons, Waterfall Park, The White Castle, Dungeons of Dorea, El Grande, and more!

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