July 2019 - Issue 32

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On Sale: 28/06/2019

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Frank Herbert’s Dune: ‘Lost’ for 35 years, the legendary Dune board game from the creators of Cosmic Encounter is finally back in a new edition this summer. Its designers tell us the full story of Dune’s rise, fall and miraculous return.
The Adventure Zone: The McElroy family turned their Dungeons & Dragons campaign into a smash hit podcast and bestselling graphic novel adored by thousands. They’re joined by artist Carey Pietsch to tell us about taking their story to the masses and reveal their tips for crafting hilarious, heartfelt roleplaying experiences.
Magic: The Gathering: Mark Rosewater, lead designer for the massive collectible card game, reveals the ‘secret sauce’ behind Magic’s latest sets and tells us how technology is taking it into the future.
The Making of Wings of Glory: How the fast-paced World War I aerial combat wargame took flight.
Namiji: Antoine Bauza is returning to his peaceful exploration of Japan with this serene sequel to Tokaido. The designer reveals all about the next step in his journey.
Klask: Danish carpenter Mikkel Bertelsen struck upon an ingenious game idea during a hangover that became a surprise sensation. As a four-player version of his thrilling air hockey-like game comes to the table, he looks back on his invention.
Star Wars: Outer Rim
Pandemic: Rapid Response
KeyForge: Age of Ascension
Sushi Roll
Ticket to Ride: London
Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write
Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings
Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection
Memoir ’44: Flight Plan
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