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KING OF MONSTER ISLAND STOMPS INTO ISSUE 75 + Time of Empires + Europa Universalis + 30 Reviews + A Search & Find Adventure

On Sale: 27/01/2023

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What's in this Issue?


Plus: Grail Games – what gaming gems have you got in your attic? And what are they worth now?

We’ve got a returning king of tabletop games, a speedrun of the rise and fall of civilizations with you as the emperor, and even a grail to grab (in the form of an old and now surprisingly valuable board game from your attic), all in issue 75 of Tabletop Gaming magazine.

We’ve also got the top ten books about games, an entire spread of Dungeons & Dragons: Behold! A Search and Find adventure (can you find everyone, some of us in the office couldn’t!) – and a brand new feature: Out of the Box, our round up of all the gaming-adjacent accessories, add-ons and cool stuff we’ve spotted each month.

•    KING OF MONSTER ISLAND – The king of tabletop games returns, and this time we’re teaming up. Join us as we explore King of Monster Island with Richard Garfield – and even get a few monster bashing tips
•    GRAIL GAMES – What’s in your attic? Gaming gems or a pile of worthless plastic? One often looks like the other, we discover, as we explore the games that collectors are hunting down. Not only are these games exceedingly rare, but they might now fetch an eye watering price.
•    TIME OF EMPIRE – Build an empire in real time, but quick. That’s the premise of this all-at-once civilisation building game that smashes together all of the best bits of 4X, while feeling like a frantic party game. 
•    30 GAMES REVIEWED – Micro Macro All In, Terra Nova, Wildstyle, Call to Adventure: Epic Origins, Ahoy, Delicious, Wordle: The Party Game

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