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ARCs from the designer of Root takes off in issue 62 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine + 28 Games Reviewed inc. Ankh, Robin Hood and Unfathomable

On Sale: 24/12/2021

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

  • ARCS – an exclusive deep dive into the space empire building board game from the designer of Oath and Root. Cole Wehrle tells us how to make space stories epic 
  • CY_BORG – it’s the end of the world again, but this time, it’s closer than ever. We get the scoop on the new cyberpunk game from the creators of MÖRK BORG 
  • Voices In My Head – we take an exclusive look at the upcoming courtroom drama from the designer of Battlestar Galactica 
  • Critical Role Painting Guide – as the streamers go strength to strength, so do the beast they face. Give your new miniatures a lick of paint with our guide 
  • The Year’s Biggest Games Reviewed and Rated – including… Ankh: Gods of Egypt, Unfathomable, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Alien: Fate of the Nostromos, Lost Ruins of Arnak: Leader’s Expedition, 7 Wonders: Architects, and Kingdomino: Origins … plus many more 


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