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Island hopping WW2, Peninsular War, Boxer Rebellion, Dinosaur Fighting, how 2 run show games, Partizan & scratchbuilding plus all the news and reviews in the July issue of Miniature Wargames!

On Sale: 16/06/2024

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

In issue 495 of Miniature Wargames we have a great selection of rules and periods plus a couple of crafting tutorial and show report for all wargamers.

The cover features Pacific Fights. In the article within – titled Island – Hopping is a campaign for the Pacific in WWII. Featured are some shots from the superbly photogenic 28mm Iron Brigade game at Partizan.

And talking of shows, in Send Three & Fourpence Conrad Kinch presents: Pour Encourager Les Autres. In this article, Conrad – post his first trip to Salute – gives some thoughts on running participation and demonstration games.

And still talking of shows, in The Buckle in the Lead Belt the Editor took his camera to the first Partizan show of the year.

In Command Decision Jon Sutherland takes gamers to Talavera. This Peninsular War outing starts with Part one of a 1809 Campaign.

In Cretaceous Combat Arthur Harman applies his historical gaming to a simple game of Dinosaur fighting.

We have an evocative Scratch Build: Tony Harwood finishes off a Armoury based on a card Old Hammer building. And while we are building stuff...

Grond: The Hammer of the Underworld. We a siege engine in 75mm scale. With Trolls...

Last Word: The Editor talks about representation.

Finally, we have the review sections with Defence in Depth for Figures and rules, plus we have Forward Observer for news and Recce for insightful book reviews. 

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