WWE: Headlock, Paper, Scissors Review

18 June 2021
Worth the upgrade?

Who as a youngster, and let us be honest, even as an adult, have not resolved an argument with a quick game of rock, paper, scissors? It has just the right amount of luck and bluffing to make the outcome feel legitimate.  Although occasionally alternative moves, like fire and snake, crop up in the game, it has remained sturdily unchanged through the years. 

Is there a way to reinvent the classical rock, paper, scissors? Maybe you could merge it with a racing game, where a hand move triggers a card ability which in turn determines whether you go backward or forward on the track. Maybe you could also re-imagine the track as a WWE ‘Money in the Bank’ match, where the suitcase bursting with cash is calling to you at the top of the ladder. Maybe, every move is a wrestling technique, like ‘the rock bottom’ done by the Rock himself or Becky Lynch’s ‘dis-arm-her’ performed through various finger contortions? Finally, maybe it needs a cheesy half-pun to tie all these elements together. It has become WWE: Headlock, Paper, Scissors.

Although the effort put in showcasing the roster of characters and wrestling references is admirable, this is not the game to make WWE fans’ hearts beat faster. The hand gesturing feels gimmicky, and the resulting moves produce more of a random kerfuffle on the ring, rather a thought-out strategy on how to get to the top of the ladder. Unfortunately, all the additional bells and whistles will have accomplished, was to make you yearn for the simplicity of old-school rock, paper and scissors again. 



Designer: Josh Cappel, Jay Cormier, Sen-Foong Lim

Publisher: WizKids

Time: 30 minutes

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Players: 3-6

Ages: 12+

Price: £20

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