Wrong Party Review

22 October 2021
Is the cuteness irresistable?

As much as you try, you can’t organise the perfect party to suit every guest. Someone might find the music too loud or complain about food choices or make snide comments about party-themed decor. So, in the Wrong Party instead of throwing an event to satisfy your guests, you choose the guests that will best fit your party.

In this drafting card game, every round players will be given a theme and a number of party attributes. They will then proceed to draft guests that match the theme or the attributes (ideally both) by selecting a card from their hand, discarding another and then passing their hand to the next player. You might receive a hand that doesn’t match any requirements, but even then, not everything is lost as you can get bonus points based on a variety of themes (represented by different colours). The tricky part here is that cards are drafted face down, so it is easy to forget what colours you picked at the start of the round and accidentally double-down on the same one thus missing out on bonus points. 

As a drafting game, Wrong Party doesn’t offer anything above the usual genre staples. It works perfectly fine, but mechanically there are more exciting drafting games out there.  However, what pulls you in is the game’s artwork and character design. A collaboration from Unstable Games and TeeTurtle, known for their game’s artwork and t-shirt designs being too cute to handle, Wrong Party’s artwork matches suit with quirky charm and adorable character design. Except for the Effect cards, no other is the same, offering different illustrations with every draw. Some are so irresistibly cute that you just must have them at your party and, perhaps, as part of your gaming collection too. 



Designer: N/A

Publisher: TeeTurtle & Unstable Games

Time: 3-60 Minutes

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Players: 2-5

Ages: 12+

Price: £25

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