SideWinder 80+ deck case accessory review

07 March 2017
sidewinder-90448.jpg SideWinder 80+ deck case
Stash your cards in style in this secure and well-constructed case

Storage specialist Ultimate Guard has done it again with a quality deck case for CCG and card game fans.

The 80+ SideWinder case – the variation we demoed – will hold up to 80 double-sleeved standard size cards or more than 100 single-sleeved cards, while the bigger 100+ will – you guessed it – take up to 100 double-sleeved cards.

In contrast to many of Ultimate Guard’s other deck storage products, the SideWinder is more horizontally orientated, with generous cutouts on each long side to make removing the sideways cards easy.

On the outside of the box is Ultimate Guard’s XenoSkin material, a faux-leatherish material scored with a fine cross-hatch pattern. The upshot is that the case feels both solid and secure to hold, with a firm grip all-round.

Inside, the cover is stitched to a microfiber lining which covers the entire tri-fold lid and the hole for the cards. Both materials are thick and well stitched, lending the whole case a feeling of quality and durability – at least in the time we tried it. 

The microfiber skin aims to reduce slippage of cards – for example, when the unfolded lid is used as a card stack – and we found this to be true, being able to remove the deck easily and stack it without suffering unwanted sliding.

Four magnets hold the lid shut, and slap down with a very satisfying level of strength when closed. The lid is very secure – we put a deck inside and shook the case pretty vigorously as a quick test and happily avoided playing 52-Card Pickup.

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The case is available in a wide spectrum of colour options, from bold reds and blues and the intense yellow of the amber variant (admittedly, the one letdown of our particular case) we tried out to more understated black, white, grey and sand tones. Whatever your pick, it’s a fine way of keeping your cards protected.


Buy your copy here.

Publisher: Ultimate Guard

Price: £TBC



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