Get Bit!

16 December 2015
Did we mention the shark?

Look all you need to know about Get Bit! is that it not only features a little plastic model of a shark but that shark chases robots and tries to eat them. Why the shark has suddenly developed a taste for processors no oneknows but that’s the way it is.

Oh… you still want to know more? Did we mention the shark? Well, fair enough…

In Get Bit! you are a robot (well, they look like robots) trying to avoid getting crunched by a pursuing shark. Each turn a player takes one of their numbered coloured cards and secretly lays it down on the table. Once everyone has chosen their card they flip them over to see who is going to get chomped.

The player that played the lowest cards moves their robot furthest away from the shark, while the rest are moved in ascending order with the highest potentially being closest. However, if you play the same number as another player then neither character moves. The swimmer that’s left closest to the shark loses a limb, which are detachable, and once they’ve lost four limbs then it’s game over. As a result it’s a very fast game because each turn someone is going to lose a limb, whether they like it or not.

There’s certainly an element of bluffing involved because there are times when it’ll actually be good to play a slightly higher card as, hopefully, no one else will use the same number. What’s more, each time you’re bit you put any cards you’ve previously played back in your hand, so other players can start to work out
what you might potentially play. This means there’s a surprising amount of tactics involved for a game that’s predominately about playing numbers.

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There is a deluxe version available that comes with painted pirates rather than the blank faced robots but that appears to be out of stock in most places… then
again, there’s something more appealing about the little coloured guys in the original. Oh and did we mention it comes with a little plastic shark? A LITTLE SHARK.

Mayday Games | Family game | £19.99 | 2-6 players | 15 minutes |

Purchase the game here

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