Flash Point: Fire Rescue Review

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16 December 2015
flashpoint-40283.jpg Flashpoint
Work together to put out fires and save hapless home owners

Indie Boards and Cards | Co-op | £31.99 | 2-6 players | 45 minutes | www.indieboardsandcards.com 

"It's getting out of Control! We have possibly four people still inside and the structure may collapse at any moment, we need move fast. And don't forget to rescue the cat!"Flashpoint is a fun co-op centred around a team of fire-fighters working frantically to control a fire long enough to rescue the building occupants.

A co-operative board-game (in which players act together as a team to defeat challenges presented by the game itself)players assume the role of different firefighters with varying specialities like the Hazmat Technician or the Paramedic. The overall objective is to rescue seven victims located in a burning building. The initial setup places these victims randomly around the board (a double-sided board offering two building locations)and also places items such as volatile chemicals (Hazmat Markers). Finally of course a series of fires are placed. 

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On a given turn, players spend action points to do a variety of options such as move, extinguish a fire, hack into a wall if a door isn't an option or drag a victim towards an exit. Victim markers are placed facedown meaning you can waste time getting to a victim only to find it’s a false alarm. As a victim is rescued new ones are then randomly placed.  At the end of each player’s turn they also roll to see if new fires have spread in the building and this may trigger explosions which may injure you or kill a victim. As explosions rip through the building it takes damage. If four victims die or the building collapses the players lose. 

A fun co-op with a great exciting theme, Flashpoint makes for an exciting game session. Simple mechanics, attractive components and a relatively short playtime make it an attractive option on your game session. Co-ops need to balance difficulty in their design, to be challenging but not impossible. Flashpoint does this admirably. (Wayne O Connor)

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