Cat Tower Review

06 May 2021
Not Cat-astrophic, but not purr-fect either

If you share the personality trait of being a sucker for good packaging, Cat Tower is sure to draw you in. A cute cat face on the front, unfolds into a full cat body, held together by its paws. It’s a great set up for a game, the fun starts with the box, and the cat goodness doesn’t stop there. You may have figured from the title that this is a game where you’ll be stacking cats, which in this case are six different styled card cats. The goal is not to make the tallest tower though, but to rid your hand of cats, and when the tower falls, the person who caused it to do so must keep all of the fallen cats. 

To make it less a game of balancing and adding in the element of chance, you’ll be rolling your dice to see how to stack the cats. This might be upside down, it might be on another card, but it will inevitably make that building a little more precarious. It’s a great family game because a tower that falls because of a lack of dexterity is just as likely to do so as a result of a bad roll, which helps even out the playing field. 

It’s fun and straightforward, but it’s not a perfect game. There’s a storyline about the cats trying to stack because Catty Fatty wants the dried fish hung high on the shelf, that isn’t really necessary, plus whilst the artwork is bright, colourful, and fun, being printed on card that you then have to fold makes the creases prone to breakages. Will it last a long time? Probably not. However, having said that, for some light fun, Cat Tower is as comfortable as a cat snoozing on the bed, to keep on the shelf. 

Charlie Pettit


Designer: Aza Chen

Publisher: Renegade Game Studios

Time: 15-20 minutes

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Players: 2-6

Age: 6+

Price: £20

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