Zany video game shooter Borderlands serves up a Robot Tea Party in card game spin-off

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29 March 2019
borderlands-card-game-89711.jpg Borderlands: Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party
A load of Claptrap

Borderlands is the next video game to take a shot at the tabletop, with a new card game based on the cel-shaded shooter announced at this year’s PAX East convention.

Borderlands: Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party stars the mouthy machine companion of the series, Claptrap, which players to race to build by scavenging parts from dumpsters. The first one to complete their robot buddy wins.

Playing in around 15 minutes with two to five people, the relatively simple game features a similar cartoony art style to the video games and a line-up of Claptraps dressed as sheriffs, pirates, wizards and moustachioed ‘gentlemen’.

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The game was released at PAX East, and can also be grabbed online for $20 (£15). Borderlands studio Gearbox similarly co-developed and co-published the card game alongside XYZ Game Labs and Nerdvana Games.

While tabletop spin-offs to video games are fast becoming the norm, Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party has the distinction of possibly being the first to be revealed via the awkward combination of an on-stage rulebook reading and a for-real magic trick performed by Gearbox CEO – and actual magician – Randy Pitchford. See how that played out below.


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