YouTube megastars Dan and Phil have made a party game

20 October 2017
dan-and-phil-29136.png Dan and Phil
Truth Bombs sees players guessing which friend wrote what about them

In news that’s sure to confuse the heck out of everyone over a certain age, two of the UK’s biggest YouTubers have invented a party game.

Dan and Phil – also known as danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil – based Truth Bombs on a game they used to play with their own friends, which involves writing secret answers about each other before trying to guess who wrote what about you.

For example, the question might be ‘What would they delete from their internet history?’, ‘What’s their guilty pleasure?’ or ‘If they released a fragrance, what would it be called?’

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Once everyone’s jotted down their answer relating to that specific person, they read out all the answers and try to match them to each of their friends, scoring points for correct guesses.

The game has been in the works for over a year by The Chameleon, Bucket of Droom and Scrawl studio Big Potato, which previously released Obama Llama, the meme-ish rhyming game by Dan and Phil's fellow Radio 1 presenter, Matt Edmondson. Obama Llama later went on to inspire a BBC quiz show hosted by Len Goodman called Partners in Rhyme.

Truth Bombs is already out and costs £15. Dan and Phil have put up a video explaining how to play – you can check it out below.


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