You’ll soon be able to roleplay in the world of Descent and Runebound

11 January 2018
gns03_a1_zanaga-81540.png Genesys: Realms of Terrinoth
First sourcebook for flexible Genesys RPG explores Terrinoth

The fantasy setting of Runebound, Descent, Runewars and Legacy of Dragonholt is coming to roleplaying.

Realms of Terrinoth has been announced as the first sourcebook for flexible setting-less RPG Genesys, exploring the world of Mennara featured in the adventure and miniatures games.

The Genesys core book – which you’ll need to use this upcoming tome – actually already includes several rules for running campaigns in a fantasy setting, including a few of the races and character classes in Terrinoth, but Realms plans to kick open the door to more character creation and gameplay options, introducing sub-classes and other races, such as cat-folk and gnomes alongside the staples of dwarves, elves and orcs.

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There’s also a bunch of new weapons, armour and equipment to use, plus specific rules for fighting while mounted and performing ‘heroic feats’. One of the most expanded sections is crafting and alchemy, detailing the steps taken to create items and brew potions in a variety of situations, with new runes also ramping up the opportunity to use magic beyond that described in the core rules.

As well as stepping things up on the gameplay side, Realms of Terrinoth fleshes out the lore and geography of the Runebound universe, covering both locations and non-player characters to be used in a campaign.

Realms of Terrinoth will be out for Genesys in the second quarter of 2018.


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