You can now play Scythe’s digital edition in early access on PC

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14 June 2018
ss_ef1e559de47b1b57011c7352b7e0b6a2e7a42eab.1920x1080-13171.jpg Scythe: Digital Edition
No online multiplayer for the moment

Scythe’s long-awaited digital edition has launched on PC, although the early access version of the strategy hit is still very much in the works.

Scythe: Digital Edition will set you back £15 on Steam at the moment, with the price due to go up once it exits early access – which its developers predict is two to four months away.

Don’t expect a fully polished experience if you do download it now, though: the beta test that took place earlier this year attracted some criticism for its lacking tutorials, user interface and AI, which are all still being fine-tuned with feedback from players.

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What has been added since the beta are two different undo options, tooltips, faster animations and generally improved feedback regarding players’ objectives and combat.

The early access Scythe includes easy and medium difficulty options for computer opponents, with a hard mode on the way. You’ll have to either play against the AI or invite some friends over to play the game in local multiplayer, as there’s no support for online matches for the time being.

That will eventually be added as part of the game’s journey to a full launch, alongside achievements that unlock alternate art for cards based on the physical game’s promo cards, Mac support and the Invaders from Afar expansion.


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