You can grab the digital edition of Talisman for free tomorrow

20 September 2017
PREVIEW_SCREENSHOT1_139047-97487.jpg Talisman: Digital Edition
Developer Nomad Games giving away port of Games Workshop classic as part of One Special Day charity fundraiser

Whether you’ve played Talisman or not, Game Workshop’s 1980s board game of fantasy adventure is widely considered a classic of the genre.

If you’ve missed the boat so far, you’ll soon be able to get a taste of the Magic Quest Game for the low price of nothing, as the developer behind the PC, mobile and console adaptation will be giving away Talisman: Digital Edition for free tomorrow (September 21st).

Nomad Games’ giveaway is in aid of One Special Day, a one-day fundraiser organised by charity SpecialEffect, which helps those living with disabilities to enjoy the hobby of gaming – so why not donate while you're at it?

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Nomad will reveal a code that can be redeemed for a free copy of Talisman on Steam during its Twitch and YouTube livestreams at 5pm BST.

The game normally costs £6 on PC. Meanwhile, it’s currently 60% off on the PlayStation Store, down from £24 to £9.


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