X-Men are the latest Marvel superheroes to join Munchkin

18 November 2016
xmen_mu_3dbt1_-89457.jpg Munchkin: X-Men Edition follows general Marvel versions of the card game
USAopoly previously released three Marvel editions of Steve Jackson’s card game

If you, like us, are trying desperately to forget the terrible X-Men movie that came out earlier this year, this might be a cure for your woes.

American publisher USAopoly has announced that the X-Men will be the latest superheroes to receive their own Munchkin spin-off, in the form of Munchkin: X-Men Edition.

Steve Jackson’s popular card game previously delved in the Marvel catalogue with Munchkin: Marvel Edition and its two follow-ups, Mystic Mayhem and Cosmic Chaos – unlike those, X-Men Edition will exclusively feature Professor X and his band of mutants, including Wolverine, Magneto, Juggarnaut and Sabretooth.

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From the looks of the artwork, the cards will be based on the heroes’ original comic book incarnations rather than their cinematic counterparts.

In the box will be 128 door and treasure cards, four player role cards, four level trackers, the rules and a custom die.

It’s out in the US and Canada next March, but there’s no word on a UK release just yet. If you’re a mutant lover, maybe it’s time to put those mind-controlling powers to work.


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