WWII Polish resistance activist Tadeusz 'Zośka' Zawadzki brought to the tabletop by Scibor Miniatures

09 January 2017
zoska_01-29098.jpg The render and original picture of Zoska
Commander of Operation Arsenal died aged 22 in 1943

Scibor Miniatures has revealed its miniature tribute to Second World War Polish resistance activist Tadeusz Zawadzki.

Codenamed Zośka, Zawadzki was a former scoutmaster who commanded Operation Arsenal – the first major operation by the Gray Ranks underground movement – in Warsaw during March 1943, as well as serving as a second lieutenant in the Polish Home Army.

He died in August 1943 during the anti-Nazi effort Operation Belt, aged just 22. Polish resistance division Battalion Zośka was subsequently named in his honour.

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Scibor’s model of Zawadzki is in 1:35 scale and made of resin. It comes unpainted and costs €7.52.


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