Would you pay £15K for Pokemon Cards?

22 August 2021
Well you can!
Would you pay £15K for Pokemon Cards? Images

We've seen some impressive prices for good condition Pokemon cards in the past, from a shiny Charizard to a set bought just to destroy. Here, within the launch sale of Ewbank's Auctions on 25th August 2021, sees Pokemon sets anticipated to raise $15,000 each. 

There are two sets sold separately, but both are the Pokemon TCG Sealed Base Set Booster Boxes from 1999, including original pokemon such as Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur. These are fully sealed boxes, with the original seals, and authenticated by a trading card expert.

Though these are the only two to reach a £15,000 valuation, there are other Pokemon related items available, such as the Pokémon’s 1st Edition Team Rocket expansion, which is a complete full set in near-mint condition. The set includes Dark Alakazam holo, Dark Arbok holo card, Dark Blastoise holo card, Dark Charizard holo card etc, and 83 cards plus Dark Raichu secret rare.  The estimate for this is that it will reach £1,200-1,800.

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You can see the lots in full by clicking here.



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