White Wizard announces 2016 US Games Fair

12 October 2016
white-wiz-fair-56394.JPG Future Games Fairs are planned by the publisher
November event will host $100,000 Epic Card Game world championship

Hero Realms, Star Realms and Epic Card Game publisher White Wizard has unveiled its 2016 Games Fair.

The four-day event will run from November 18th to 21st and feature 12 last chance qualifying rounds for the Epic World Championship, with $100,000 in prize money up for grabs.

There will also be daily digital tournaments for Star Realms worth $1,000, as well as casual competitions and learn to play tutorials for all of the games.

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The show takes place in Framingham, near Boston in Massachusetts, and will be attended by a number of designers and artists from the publisher who will hold meet-and-greets throughout.

The event is free to attend, with a $50 Gamer Pass netting you the chance to compete in the tournaments at the show for cash prizes.

Responding to the suggestion of annual Games Fair shows under an announcement post on BoardGameGeek, the publisher’s Debbie Moynihan confirmed that “there will be more in the future”.


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